What is SimPayX?

Your universal mobile shopping tool

SimPayX is revolutionizing the mobile shopping and payment experience for customers and merchants. SimPayX is powered by our patent pending Dynamic Menu Generation (DMG) and Reverse Authorization (rAuth) technology making it a very convenient and secure experience when you shop and pay at a retail location or at an unattended system.

Avoid long lines

What if you could just walk into your favorite coffee shop and pick up your drink without standing in line? With SimPayX you would browse the menu, select and pay for your order using your mobile device on the way to the shop. Save your valuable time and enjoy your drink.

Leave your wallet at home

You can pay for your transactions and services using your mobile device. SimPayX allows you to create a mobile wallet by using your credit/debit card or by loading money the SimPayX app on your mobile device. Our patent pending Reverse Authorization (rAuth) technology has made SimPayX a very secure method of payment.

In addition to walk-in or drive thru establishments, the Dynamic Menu Generation (DMG) feature allows you to shop also at unattended systems like vending machines, car wash and parking garages.

Dynamic Menu Generation (DMG)

DMG allows SimPayX platform to download the merchant menu in real time based on either proximity or location or user entered search. DMG avoids you having to download multiple apps and just have one app with the ability to change the menu based on the merchant!

Reverse Authorization (rAuth)

Reverse authorization allows SimPayX platform to do payment authorization for credit/debit/prepaid cards real time without sending the payment information to the Point of Sale (POS). SimPayX does not store the payment information on the mobile device. rAuth makes SimPayX payments very secure and also allows to complete the authorization even when the unattended system is not connected to a network!

store your favorties for 1 click 'shop&pay'

SimPayX allows you to store your favorite location or order and next time you can just click on your favorite. Just a single click shop and pay!

Next generation experience for our merchants

For vending merchants we provide the ability to set real time inventory alerts so that you do not lose your sales again. With our Reverse Authorization (rAuth) capability the vending merchants can now accepts transactions when the point of sale is not connected to the Internet. With many more exciting features SimPayX is revolutionizing the mobile shopping experience for the consumers as well as merchants. If you would like to know more please email to support@simpayx.com or call 801 673 3920

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